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2012 St. Leon Pole Raising

2012 Pole Raising

This virtual tour has 3 pano views showing different stages of the 2012 St. Leon Pole Raising. Other than the weather being a bit more gloomy, the St. Leon Pole Raising was about the same as I described it in the pano tour I did of the 2008 Pole Raising:

“Every 4 years, on the 2nd Saturday before the presidential election, the community of St. Leon, Indiana continues the tradition of the Pole Raising to commemorate the presidency of Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson. Once a common occurrence, St. Leon is believed to be the only place where you can see the pole raising today. The locals head to the woods in the morning to cut down a tall hickory tree. Then drag it back to town for a short parade featuring a steam powered tractor hauling the tree behind. Next some political speeches and rallying followed by the raising.”

I especially enjoyed the parade this year, which included some old tractors, old cars and trucks, the East Central High School band, the old steam engine tractor that pulls the pole through town, and a surprise visit from President Obama!!!

President Obama made a surprise showing in the parade!

The whole event is rather quaint and a unique slice of “Americana.” Be sure to click on all the detail shot “hot-spots” in the panos to see a few pics from the parade. The organizers used a picture that I had posted on my entry from the 2008 pole-raising for their poster for the 2012 event:

Poster with sign picture