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Sequoia National Park, Moro Rock, Kaweah River v2

On the trail to the summit of Moro Rock

This tour contains panos that I have previously published on my website a couple years ago. The difference is that this time the panos are all “packaged” in the same tour where before they were all individual panos spread out over a couple different places. I have also included a couple new pano views that were previously un-published and several detail photos along with a couple historic photos that are also included in the tour. I have improved the resolution and compression so the panos look better and this tour now should work on most iDevices.


Moro Rock is something like a small version of Half Dome in Yosemite. It is the same kind of granite rock formation. The access road to the parking lot at the base of Moro Rock was still closed due to snow so I walked the two miles or so to get there. Then there are 400 steps to climb to get to the top. The exhilarating climb and the view from the top makes any effort to get there worth it. In fact it is a great rock for climbers. There was a major thunder storm going on across the canyon on Castle Rock Spire which made me hasten my efforts so I could get off the top of the rock to avoid any danger from lightning. Also, the interesting and somewhat rare phenomena of the rainbow like effect called a Circumhorizontal Arc and the passing bird (swift) make for an interesting panorama. Next we drop down about 4000 feet to the banks of the Kaweah River, spectacular in the spring.

4 sequoias guarding the roadway

4 sequoias guarding the roadway