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The Story Inn

A sampler tour of a very quaint town on the southern edge of Brown County State Park near Nashville, Indiana, featuring the Story Inn!

The Story Inn

The Story Inn

American Sign Museum

The American Sign Museum

I should say, the “new” American Sign Museum. Just recently moved into this larger space, they are better suited to grow and also to host special events. Several years ago I did a couple panos from the old space and I thought it would be appropriate to get a more comprehensive tour of  the beautiful facility that they now have. This is a larger tour with 11 panoramic views and a few detail shots mixed in for good measure. I kept the panoramas at a higher resolution so that it is possible to zoom in bit to see more detail. This could cause the views to take a little longer to load depending on the connection speed you have. This is a very colorful place with lots of things to look at no matter which way you are facing.

St. Anthony Falls, Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis

Stone Arch Bridge

The Stone Arch Bridge is the only bridge of it’s kind along the Mississippi River. Having 23 arches, it is 2100 feet long and contains 100,000 tons of limestone and granite. It was built by railroad baron James J. Hill and completed in 1883. It was originally used as a railroad bridge and carried as many as 48 passenger trains into Minneapolis everyday. Now it is part of the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail and used as a walking and bike path. It is significant historical landmark that forms an integral part of  the redeveloped Minneapolis Riverfront. The bridge is just below St. Anthony Falls which is the birthplace of Minneapolis and was the only true waterfall on the Mississippi River.

The Cincinnati Observatory


16" Alvan Clark Telescope

The Cincinnati Observatory is known as the “Birthplace of American Astronomy.” The 12″ Merz and Mahler Telescope was the second largest telescope in the world when it became operational in 1845, it is still in use today. The Cincinnati Observatory was the United State’s first public observatory with the original building’s cornerstone being set by President John Quincy Adams in 1843.

MAM – Milwaukee Art Museum

art museum

Milwaukee Art Museum

This very striking building has become a symbol for the city of Milwaukee. The movable, “briese soleil” or sun-shade look like giant gull wings which actually fold down at night or during inclement weather. Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the Quadracci Pavilion received in the 2004 Outstanding Structure Award from the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

The Basilica of St. Josaphat, Virtual Tour


The Basilica of St Josaphat

This beautiful Basilica in Milwaukee is worth a visit, meanwhile take a virtual tour to see it for yourself.

Union Terminal, Cincinnati

Union Terminal was originally built as a railroad terminal and opened in 1933. It now houses the Museum Center. The rotunda of this architecturally significant building features the largest half-dome in the western hemishere, 180 feet wide and 106 feet high. Be sure to visit the Little Planets page to see the interesting projections of these two images.

union terminal

The Museum Center at Union Terminal, Cincinnati, Ohio

Union Terminal

Union Terminal Rotunda, largest half-dome in the western hemisphere

Lagering Cellars, Kauffman Brewing Co, Cincinnati

Here is a series of panoramas taken deep underground in the lagering cellars that have become popular to visit during the annual Bockfest in Cincinnati by taking the Prohibition Resistance Tour.


Kauffman Brewing Lagering Cellar

Serra Cross at Grant Park

If you ever get to Ventura, California be sure to visit the Serra Cross at Grant Park. This cross has been there since 1941 but it replaced a series of crosses that date back to the beginning of the San Buenaventura Mission in 1782. This highly visible cross served as a road sign for travelers in search of the Mission. The view is incredible from the cross and there is an effort underway to beautify the park.

Serra Cross at Grant Park

Serra Cross at Grant Park

San Buenaventura Mission

San Buenaventura Mission was the last of the California Missions founded by Blessed Junipero Serra.

San Buenaventura Mission in Ventura, California

San Buenaventura Mission in Ventura, California

Mission Santa Barbara, California

Also known as “The Queen of the Missions.” This was the 10th of 21 Franciscan missions that shaped much of the history of California. I have created 6 panos of this beautiful Mission see all of them here.

Church Altar

Church Altar

Metamora, Historic Canal Town

Here are some panos from the quaint south eastern Indiana town of Metamora. Also featured are some views of the Duck Creek Aquaduct, perhaps the only functioning aquaduct in the USA. The aquaduct carries the restored canal boat “Ben Franklin” with passengers over the Duck Creek. There are a lot of small shops and galleries here and with several festivals and special events during the year it is a good place to spend a relaxing day or two.

Metamora Main Street

Metamora Main Street



Duck Creek Aquaduct

Duck Creek Aquaduct

Inside The Aquaduct

Inside The Aquaduct