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Sand Volleyball

rackphoto panoramas volleyball

Sand Volleyball at Thomas Aquinas College

This is a pano that I produced a little while ago but never published on blog. Well here it is now, a friendly little volleyball game at Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California.

Erich Kunzel Center for Arts and Education, Cincinnati

This post features the Corbett Theater, the “crowning jewel” of the new center. It is the home of the School for the Creative and Performing Arts and Schiel Primary School for Arts Enrichment. It provides K-12 education in the arts and maintains high academic standards as well.

Balcony view

Corbett Theater

Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel, Thomas Aquinas College

“From its inception, the vision for Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel has been predicated upon four distinguishing marks: beauty, which disposes us to what is true and good; grandeur, which lifts the mind to contemplate God’s transcendence; permanence, which reminds us that God’s word is everlasting; and tradition, which connects us to the wisdom of the past.”

That quote was taken from a comprehensive description of the Chapel found here.

OLMHT Chapel, pulpit

OLMHT Chapel, pulpit

Sunset over the Painter’s Shack

The small building in the foreground, the Painter’s Shack, is about a 1 mile hike up a gravel road from the campus of Thomas Aquinas College. A favorite haunt of the students, it also is a great spot to get a really nice view of the surrounding countryside, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Painter's Shack at Sunset

Painter's Shack at Sunset

In the Painter's Shack at Sunrise

In the Painter's Shack at Sunrise

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

Here is a panorama I did for Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. Visit the CHCA page to see a couple more and a link to the whole collection of 14 panos in action over at the school’s website.

Armleder Science Lab

Armleder Science Lab

Thomas Aquinas College, California

A small Catholic college in Santa Paula, California that uses the “Great Books” curriculum. There is a  new chapel that was just nearing completion when these panos were made. It has since been finished. The college’s website has a nice photo essay explaining all about the chapel which can be seen here.

St. Thomas Hall Lobby

St. Thomas Hall Lobby

This is a large tour of 15 panos and benefits greatly by viewing in fullscreen mode. There is a map to help with navigation. Be sure to click the little fullscreen button on the menu bar in the lower left corner after opening the pano.