Holy Family Church Virtual Tour

Here is a Virtual Tour featuring multiple viewpoints (nodes) of Holy Family Church in Dayton, Ohio. This church is staffed by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) and is the only parish in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati where The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and all the Sacraments are celebrated according to the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite exclusively.

Nave, Holy Family Church, Dayton, Ohio

Cincinnati from the Carew Tower

I was recently inspired to produce a “tower pano” from the top of the  Carew Tower in Cincinnati. The Carew Tower is the only skyscraper in Cincinnati that has an observation deck that is open to the public. The deck is actually on the top of the building with unobstructed views in all directions. Most 360around panos are taken from one viewpoint, this one was from 8 different viewpoints on the observation deck. The most effective “tower panos” are taken on buildings with straight sides so that there is a view straight down to the ground. The end result appears that you are floating high above the building when viewing the pano. The Carew Tower has numerous set backs so that there is no view straight to the ground with the resulting view appearing not quite so high above the building. Another issue is the close proximity of other tall buildings close to the Carew Tower. The creates serious parallax problems when stitching together the images from the different viewpoints, in fact this was one of the more laborious panos I have created necessitating various retouching techniques to get it all to come together. It was a nice creative and technical challenge and I feel that the end result was worth the effort.

carew tower
The view of Cincinnati from the Carew Tower
observation deck
Click to see the Little Planets

Carew Tower Observation Deck

Union Terminal, Cincinnati

Union Terminal was originally built as a railroad terminal and opened in 1933. It now houses the Museum Center. The rotunda of this architecturally significant building features the largest half-dome in the western hemishere, 180 feet wide and 106 feet high. Be sure to visit the Little Planets page to see the interesting projections of these two images.

union terminal
The Museum Center at Union Terminal, Cincinnati, Ohio
Union Terminal
Union Terminal Rotunda, largest half-dome in the western hemisphere

Sequoia National Park, Trees

Located in central California, Sequoia N.P. is home to some of the largest trees in the world. Sequoia N.P. is the second oldest national park in the United States. It is also home to the tallest mountain in the United States outside of Alaska, Mt. Whitney. Click on the image below to see the gallery of panos including the “General Sherman” tree and others in the vicinity.

General Sherman Tree
The General Sherman Tree

Cincinnati Reds Baseball Opening Day 2010

Here are a few panos from the opening day parade and fans going into the Great American Ball Park. It was a most beautiful day which brought out a record crowd to view the parade with estimates of around 100,000 people lining the streets. You couldn’t go wrong by wearing red  since both the Cincinnati Reds and their opponent, the St Louis Cardinals have red as their color.

Fans entering Great American Ball Park for opening day

Shepard Fairey Murals

The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati is hosting a retrospective exhibit of famed street artist Shepard Fairey during the spring and summer of 2010. Along with the exhibit inside the CAC, Mr. Fairey placed several murals in various locations around town. Go here to see panos of those murals in context of their environment . A couple of these locations also made for interesting Little Planet projections, see those here.

Lightborne Fairey
Lightborne Fairey
Lightborne Fairey Planet

Santa Paula Creek

Along the high trail to the PunchBowls along Santa Paula Creek in California. Even though you can’t see the creek from here, trust me it’s down there. Very rugged and beautiful in this area with car and truck sized boulders to scramble over, or take this trail, if you can find it! The trail starts at the campus of Thomas Aquinas College and heads up to some scenic waterfalls known as The Punchbowls and extremely rugged terrain.

santa paula creek trail
The high trail along Santa Paula Creek

Punchbowls, Santa Paula Canyon

The Punchbowls are a series of waterfalls and swimming holes located in the Santa Paula Canyon. The trailhead for these is at Thomas Aquinas College. It is about a 3 mile hike up to the first falls over a fairly rough and rugged, unmaintained trail. It is a popular day hike for the locals and all who want to test their nerve by cliff diving off 10′, 40′ or even 80′ precipices.

This water playground is best known for it’s towering waterfalls and it’s many swimming holes. With it’s high cliffs and smooth mossy streams, the Santa Paula Canyon Falls provide pure swimming and cliff diving enjoyment. Whether you are an experienced cliff diver or you just want to get your feet wet at the Punch Bowls. This day hike is one of the most beautiful hiking destinations that Ventura County has to offer.

Punchbowl Falls

Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel, Thomas Aquinas College

“From its inception, the vision for Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel has been predicated upon four distinguishing marks: beauty, which disposes us to what is true and good; grandeur, which lifts the mind to contemplate God’s transcendence; permanence, which reminds us that God’s word is everlasting; and tradition, which connects us to the wisdom of the past.”

That quote was taken from a comprehensive description of the Chapel found here.

OLMHT Chapel, pulpit
OLMHT Chapel, pulpit

Sunset over the Painter’s Shack

The small building in the foreground, the Painter’s Shack, is about a 1 mile hike up a gravel road from the campus of Thomas Aquinas College. A favorite haunt of the students, it also is a great spot to get a really nice view of the surrounding countryside, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Painter's Shack at Sunset
Painter's Shack at Sunset
In the Painter's Shack at Sunrise
In the Painter's Shack at Sunrise

Serra Cross at Grant Park

If you ever get to Ventura, California be sure to visit the Serra Cross at Grant Park. This cross has been there since 1941 but it replaced a series of crosses that date back to the beginning of the San Buenaventura Mission in 1782. This highly visible cross served as a road sign for travelers in search of the Mission. The view is incredible from the cross and there is an effort underway to beautify the park.

Serra Cross at Grant Park
Serra Cross at Grant Park